1. Boston vs. San Francisco: The Cons


    • Hot, humid summers
    • Smells like rotting garbage
    • Super-cold winters
    • Homicidal/suicidal drivers
    • No clubs
    • Seasonal expansion/contraction (road/building/hard drive damage)
    • Racist cops
    • Racist people
    • (Subset of above) Massholes
    • No weed
    • Lyme Disease
    • Expensive

    San Francisco

    • Fog
    • Earthquakes
    • Expensive

  6. Top three pet peeves:
    1. Couples Facebook accounts 💑
    2. Exuberant offspring metonymy 👪🍼
    3. Couples Facebook accounts 👰

  8. shittier:

    who is she

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  9. Take a stroll through our modern cities and towns, free of threat from animal attacks and most infectious diseases. Wrap your body in a variety of warm, protective garments, available for next to nothing at garage sales and thrift stores or — if you’re feeling extra-luxurious — at one of thousands of retail shops.

    Or perhaps you feel like eating something. That will almost certainly not be a problem! Beans, rice, legumes, flours, and — unbelievably — any amount of safe, fresh water you desire, are all widely available for little more than pocket change. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. For a little more you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, and even game, transported to you from exotic locations around the world. We even offer a “super-luxury” option, where you can pay a modest premium to have professionals find, prepare, and cook your meal, and even place it right in front of you, with additional doting provided by trained servants. 

    Welcome to the Future, David Cain