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    TV intros: Sheep Dumpers (1990) and Austin Briggs, Child Detective(2004)

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    Is the title of the photo “smond” or are the objects depicted “smonds”? These are the questions we must ask ourselves

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    Someone on the internet made this and I think it’s cool. Still so sad today. People like Joan Rivers and Sarah Silverman made me think I belonged in comedy instead of feeling like a kid sister tagging along in someone else’s career field. Loved seeing Joan perform when I was starting out in NY it made me feel euphoric and inspired and full of awe. She was electric - better than everyone and took more risks. The doc about her “A Piece of Work” almost instantly brought me to tears and I realized how thirsty I was to see the narrative of a female comedy legend and feel we are a part of this story and the evolution of a craft. She was the epitome of fearless. Fearless doesn’t mean you don’t feel afraid it means you do it anyway and walk through the fear. If you’re a young comedian also read Phyllis Diller “Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse” if you want to feel inspired and like you belong. Sending love to every comedian as we keep losing our heroes. Back to being sad. Bye❤️Rest in laughs Joan💖

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    Ben Aqua, Dallas bar owner with 69 necklace, 2010